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Intro + continutity talk!

HI HELLO! I am the other author behind this little fanfic adventure of ours, you can call me Kalle! I actually created Kaori on a whim when I was busy with my Saki/Wataru feels, and decided it'd be cute for them to have a daughter who was a Cure to complete the Super Hero Time trifecta. Then, well ... it turned into a serious thing. AND HERE WE ARE.

Since a few of you might be reading the TVTropes entry for this series and going 'but wait! What about the Kiva ending? How come everything is so different here than it is on TV? Are you insane, woman?!' I will explain!

As I've mentioned before on the page, the ending of Kiva that I'm using in SPCT is actually an alternate retelling from the S.I.C. Hero Saga story Masked Rider Kiva: King of Vampire. In the original TV series, Masao ( Wataru's son from the future, whose babymama is never ever revealed or speculated upon ) crashed Nago and Megumi's wedding to warn his father about a threat called the Neo-Fangires, who resemble big shiny silver UFOs in the sky. He and his partner bat, Kivat-bat the 4th, transform into Kamen Rider New Kiva along with all our other heroes so they can fight them off. Now ... call me biased, but I really did not like this ending at all! I thought it was too farfetched, and the idea to use Otoya's actor to portray Masao was dumb as hell.

That's where King of Vampire comes in! Instead of Masao, we have Kivaala, the cute little white female Kivat from Kamen Rider Decade, showing up at the wedding to warn everyone that hey, the spirit of the Lion Fangire ( the original Rook of the Checkmate Four ) is manifesting into a giant Sabbat! And so our heroes transform to fight it, but this time Megumi gets to transform into Kamen Rider Kivaala and kick some ass with the boys.

'But how does this affect SPCT?' you're wondering. Well, let's just say that Kivaala's actions took greater effect than a simple character switcharoo ...

  • Because we never really see the Neo-Fangire in King of Vampire, it leaves the door open for a different interpretation about how they came to be and what they look like. Taiga Nobori, former Kamen Rider Saga / Dark Kiva and 2008's Fangire King, wished to create a world where humans and Fangire could coexist peacefully -- in SPCT canon, this still holds true between them, though with the current threat the latter race is now designated as the 'old-world' Fangire.

  • The Neo-Fangire were born as an offshoot of the old-world Fangire sometime in the distant future, disgusted that their ancestors could 'just lay down their arms and surrender to an inferior race so easily!' And so, they wish to pick up where they left off and wipe out all human life. Appearance-wise, they still have human forms to easily blend into society and the same stained-glass look in normal form, but the monster designs in general now more greatly resemble the Zodiarts of Kamen Rider Fourze.

  • In a similar and more benign case, at the same time the Kivat line split off and diverged into a different evolutionary path; one such member of this new path will be making his adorable debut soon, so I can talk more about him / them after then!

  • Megumi still fought as Kamen Rider Kivaala after the wedding ( meaning that the Decade finale movie probably didn't happen or happened differently in this universe, but then again Dickeido has no place here anyway ) but later parted ways with her new batty friend to live a semi-normal life. Nago did the same, but still holds onto the IXA System should the need ever arise to take up arms again.

  • Wataru's confidence was slightly shaken after the Sabbat attack -- well, yours would be too, if an enemy you thought was killed came back to life much bigger and stronger -- but was later able to make a new female friend and talk his problems and insecurities out with her. No points for guessing who said friend is! Her help inspired Wataru to become more relaxed and optimistic about the future, and even spurred him on to be better at his business endeavors.

  • Also, Wataru's house got remodeled and annexed slightly ( with Maya's permission ) because GOD THAT HOUSE LAYOUT IS SO CONFUSING I DON'T EVEN.

Episode 2 should be up sometime later this week, so sit tight! ♥
( I'd give a preview, but it would actually kind of spoil a little bit ... > n >;; )

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