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I probably should have made this earlier, buuut I got asked about it today, so! Episode four of SPCT will be slow in coming for a bit, due to real-life obligations that are basically taking up a huge chunk of my time! Rest assured, I am working at it~

I'll delete this post once it's finally up, just so I don't clutter up the community. n_n Thanks for your patience!
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Super Pretty Cure Time
Episode 2: Intro: Daughter of Fate
Written by
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HI HELLO! I am the other author behind this little fanfic adventure of ours, you can call me Kalle! I actually created Kaori on a whim when I was busy with my Saki/Wataru feels, and decided it'd be cute for them to have a daughter who was a Cure to complete the Super Hero Time trifecta. Then, well ... it turned into a serious thing. AND HERE WE ARE.

Since a few of you might be reading the TVTropes entry for this series and going 'but wait! What about the Kiva ending? How come everything is so different here than it is on TV? Are you insane, woman?!' I will explain!

A Brief Rundown. [KIVA SPOILERS] )

Episode 2 should be up sometime later this week, so sit tight! ♥
( I'd give a preview, but it would actually kind of spoil a little bit ... > n >;; )
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Super Pretty Cure Time
Episode 1: Offspring of Justice
Written by[personal profile]

Let's Go On! )
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Why, hello there! Welcome to the official Dreamwidth community of Super Pretty Cure Time, a Pretty Cure/Super Sentai/Kamen Rider fanfic that also happens to be a collaboration between me and my Tumblr BFF, [personal profile] daylilies.

Quick bits of information before the premiere )
For more information, check the OriCure All-Stars Wikia page for the story. I'll be back soon with the first chapter. Until then, comment as much as you want! Until next time!

~ Bia ([personal profile] cure_shabon)


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