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Episode 3: Different Powers, Same Goal

Super Pretty Cure Time
Episode 3: Different Powers, Same Goal
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After a stressful week, when the Friday night finally comes, most people would rather kick back and relax at home, and Hibari was no exception.

In her case, though, she was tired for a different reason: not just because of school, but also due to her duties as Cure Velocity. Earlier that day, on her way to school, she was attacked by a group of Ugatz, which she was able to take down quite easily. When she got back home, the first thing she did was go to her room and fall face-first on the bed. Later, Hibari, clad in her pajamas, was channel surfing out of pure boredom, as Machalcon, in Soul form, watched her; she took a brief peek at the sports channels, but there weren’t any stock car races being broadcasted. She eventually stopped at a news broadcast announcing the confirmation of British boy band Only Exception¹’s concert at Shizuoka.

In other news, in the past couple of days strange creatures have been attacking the region, somehow always being stopped by mysterious girls in what appear to be cosplay outfits.” the anchorman stated, as his voice could be heard over blurry footage of Cure Velocity fighting against Seisuiki Banki from several days prior, as well as of another girl in a red dress fighting a monster, “No one exactly knows where or why this is happening, but whoever these young vigilantes are, we must keep a watchful eye on them. And now with the weather for the week…

It was then that Hibari turned off the TV with a fluid motion of her fingers. “I still can’t believe I’ve made it to public television.” she chuckled, with her hands behind her head, “That’s actually kinda nice. At least now I know how Spider-Man feels.”

“Yes, but don’t let the fame get to your head.” Machalcon told her concernedly, “Remember that your primary focus as a Pretty Cure is to stop the Shin-Gaiark from achieving their plan of polluting Human World…”

Meanwhile, at the Kurenai household, Kaori and Barnabas saw the news report as well, and Barnabas was mildly worried about Kaori’s Cure Fangoria alter ego, which, as far as he knew, was a secret kept between them and her family. “…and your mission as a Pretty Cure is to destroy the Neo-Fangires and thus keep them from absorbing the humans’ Life Energy.” he explained to her.

Kaori nodded in agreedment, pulling the bedsheets over her. “If anything, I guess I might be in risk if anyone else finds out that I’m Cure Fangoria.” she pondered, “Who knows what would happen if someone saw me transforming?”

Barnabas just nodded silently as he flew towards Kaori and landed on the bed beside her. “But on a slightly different subject, did you see the news footage?” Kaori pointed out curiously, remembering that, alongside the footage of Cure Fangoria, the report also showed images of what appeared to be a girl in a red and yellow dress, “Apparently there’s another Pretty Cure around…”

In response, Barnabas raised an eyebrow. “Another Pretty Cure? Weird…”

“…I don’t remember seeing any other Engines here.” This was Machalcon’s response when Hibari questioned the presence of the girl in red and black seen in the footage, “If that was the case, I probably would have sensed them. And even if she was another ally of justice, it would technically be impossible for her to wear the same base color as you. The heroes that came before you were all of different colors.”

Hibari briefly tapped her chin and looked up before turning back to Machalcon. “You got a point there. Most superhero teams tend to avoid having more than one member in a certain color…” she replied, leaning back onto her pillow, “So she probably must have different powers… But I still wanna know who she is!”

“It’s always nice to have more allies to fight against evil with, right?” Kaori giggled, reasoning her decision to find out who the other girl was, “Therefore, despite our different powers, we might be able to work together for the sake of others.”

Barnabas then rolled his eyes in disbelief. “Then I guess…”

Machalcon let out a sigh of frustration. “…we have no choice…”

Kaori and Hibari knew exactly how to end that sentence. “…but to begin a search for the other Pretty Cure!”

And so it was done. The next week, both Hibari and Kaori went to school ready to find whatever clues about the other Cure from the newscast they could come across and excited about the prospects of someone to fight with. Despite this, they knew they had to focus on schoolwork, so they had to wait until recess to begin their search for real.

When recess finally came, and all the students left their classrooms, Hibari was about to leave when she felt a lithe pair of arms tackle her from behind, startling her. “Geez, Wakana, how many times have I told you to not scare me like that?” Hibari pointed out, chuckling as she turned to face one of her classmates.

Wakana Koike, head of Takei Middle School’s cheerleading squad, had, at the moment, an ear-to-ear grin on her face as she clutched Hibari tightly. “Hey, hey, Hibarin, have you heard about the cosplay girls that have been fending off bad guys and protecting the innocent for the past couple of days?” Wakana asked, batting her long eyelashes at the significantly less feminine girl, “Even if we don’t know who they are, I think they’re so, so cool! Don’t you agree?”

Chuckling nervously, Hibari did nothing but smile in response. “Yeah, kinda…” she replied through gritted teeth.

Just then, Wakana let out a gasp and dropped Hibari, letting the other girl crash to the floor. “What if they’re magical girls?!” the cheerleader wondered, letting the excitement take control of her, “What if they’re ordinary schoolgirls just like us but chosen by adorable animals to fend off the forces of evil?! What if they’re still forming their team and need a third girl and…”

“Yo, Wakana-chan… Slow down…” Hibari interrupted Wakana’s ramblings as she grabbed the other girl by the shoulders, “I mean, yeah, that kind of thing doesn’t happen everyday, but when it does you should probably take it easy and not act like you’re going through a sugar rush…”

In response, Wakana took a deep breath and turned to Hibari with a pout. “I can’t help it, Hibarin…” she explained, curling a lock of hair around her pointer finger, “Ever since I was little, magical girls have been a ginormous part of my life.” She then went to her seat to pick up the bag leaning beside it and gave Hibari a smile as she left the classroom. “Well, I better get going. I don’t want my ladies to wait any longer! Toodles~!”

As she watched Wakana leave, Hibari shook her head and left as well, but going on a different direction, all while taking out her Go-Phone and placing Machalcon’s Engine Soul inside it, his hologram appearing before her. “Uh, Hibari, what is with that girl?” Machalcon wondered as he noticed Wakana skipping away to cheerleader training.

Hibari let out a slight chuckle in response. “It’s just a classmate of mine, and at least now I can be sure that it’s not her.” she explained, straightening her puffy pigtails, “Then, I had a brief suspicion it wasn’t her anyway. The girl in the footage didn’t seem cutesy enough.”

Meanwhile, at the junkyard, Fukeccio was about to introduce his new BankiJyu to Batcheerina, facing her with a confident grin on his face and giving her a long speech of how proud he was of his creation, while she simply stared, completely bored. “…and I’ve worked on it for five days straight, without pause! I’m sure it is my greatest BankiJyu to date!” he bragged.

As Fukeccio gave his speech, Dorojones and Kebrunhilde were watching the whole thing from a corner, obviously quite amused at the scene. “And you guys still say I’m the overly-devoted one.” Dorojones remarked, making Kebrunhilde giggle madly in response.

Finally, Batcheerina, eager to see what the BankiJyu looked like, became sick of Fukeccio’s speech and decided to cut it out before he went on any further. “Okay, okay, that’s enough ~de aru!” she interjected in annoyance, “Show me the BankiJyu already ~de aru!”

“As you wish, Batcheerina-sama.” Fukeccio replied with a shrug, stepping aside and announcing proudly, “Without further ado, I present to you… Dozer Banki!”

With a poof of sickly green smoke, a new Banki, with large bulldozer buckets for hands and one in front of his stomach, appeared before Batcheerina, jumping up and down cheerfully. “It’ll be a pleasure to pollute Human World for you, Batcheerina-sama ~doza!” he exclaimed, bowing down before her.

Batcheerina simply smirked in response. “I’m starting to like him already ~de aru…” she stated with a chuckle before turning to Dozer Banki and telling him, “Okay then, you should get ready for your big break ~de aru.”

Dozer Banki then stood up again and gave his boss a military salute. “Roger ~doza!” he replied before skipping away without a care in the world.

As Dozer Banki left, Dorojones approached Fukeccio eyeing him confusedly. “Really? A bulldozer? That’s the best you could think of?” the Water Pollution Minister questioned, folding his arms over his chest.

Fukeccio let out a sheepish laugh in response. “Hey, you can’t say I didn’t try!”

At Takei Middle School, recess kept going, and no matter how many people they asked, Hibari and Kaori couldn’t find anyone that knew anything else about the newscast or the footage shown in it. After consulting the choir club, Kaori headed to the rooftop to take a break from the search, only to find Hibari already there, looking quite exhausted. “What’s wrong, Hibarin?” Kaori wondered, tapping her friend’s shoulder.

Turning her tired gaze to Kaori, Hibari wiped the sweat off her forehead and took a deep breath. “You have no idea of what I’ve been through…” she muttered, “Looking… For someone…”

Kaori eyed her curiously upon hearing that. “Huh. What an odd coincidence.” she replied, tapping her chin thoughtfully, “Until now I, too, was looking for someone, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I don’t think you might understand…”

It was then that she felt Hibari’s hand grab her own, as Hibari stared deep into her eyes. “But of course I will! We’ve been friends ever since we can remember.” Hibari stated with an ear-to-ear grin, “Friends aren’t supposed to keep secrets from each other. Here. You can go ahead and tell me what’s bugging you. I promise I’ll keep it between the both of us.”

Kaori bit her lower lip nervously, struggling to find a way to break it to her that she was a Pretty Cure, and wondering how would she react. “I…”

“Oh, there you are!”

Startled by the sudden interruption, Kaori turned around to see Barnabas flying towards her as fast as his tiny wings could handle. “Very nice of you to leave me stuffed inside that backpack of yours.” the bat fairy complained, “I could barely even breath in that thing.”

With a sigh, Kaori stood up and fixated her gaze on her fairy companion. “Well, I didn’t want anyone to ask why there was a living plush bat following me around…” she explained concernedly.

While this happened, Hibari, obviously quite surprised, backed away slightly, her right eye beginning to twitch. “A-A-A talking bat?!” she questioned, trying her hardest to not let out a pterodactyl screech of shock, “Kaorin, what is all this about?!”

Realizing Hibari found out about Barnabas the hardest way possible, Kaori decided to just spill the beans already. “Hibari… I’m a Pretty Cure.” she confessed, “I met Barnabas and got magical powers a couple of days ago, and I’m using them to fight against evil forces. Last Friday night I saw a newscast that showed some blurry footage of me and another girl fighting monsters, and until now I was trying to find that girl.”

As the words hit her ears, Hibari’s expression began to change. From shocked, to mildly confused… until finally she burst into a fit of laughter. “How could I be so stupid?!” she said inbetween giggles, “If I knew the red and black cosplay girl from the footage was none other than my bestest friend in the whole world… Then I wouldn’t have wasted my time around the school like that!”

Kaori was once again surprised by her friend’s response. Out of all the reactions she was expecting, this wasn’t one of them. “Wait… You’re the other girl? The one in red and yellow?” she questioned.

Once she was done laughing, Hibari turned to her friend and gave her a nod of agreedment, before getting out her Go-Phone and proudly showing it to her. “Now we can be allies of justice together! Isn’t that awesome?” Hibari asked excitedly.

Kaori was too bewildered to know what to say. She was actually planning to go ask Hibari about the footage earlier, but she couldn’t find her anywhere, and even if she did, she was sure that Hibari would just shrug it off as if it was just something out of her head. And then there was the Go-Phone…

“Aww, how sweet, a friendly bonding moment ~doza! I can’t wait to ruin it ~doza!”

An unfamiliar voice interrupted the tender moment of discovery between the girls, who turned around to see Dozer Banki standing behind them clapping his scoop hands with sadistic glee. “A BankiJyu!” Hibari shouted as she stood up and glared at the monster.

Kaori, standing up as well, raised an eyebrow at her. “BankiJyu?”

Dozer Banki snickered menacingly at the two girls and Barnabas. “Well, if it isn’t Cure Velocity and her little friend ~doza?” he taunted, as piles of rocks surrounded by dirt appeared in his hands, “I don’t think you’ll get out of this as easy as you think ~doza! TAKE THIS ~DOZA!”

He then began shooting the rocks and dirt at them, but luckily they managed to dodge the shots as they rushed to a corner of the rooftop. “Kaori, let’s transform! Quick!” Hibari commanded, taking out her Change Soul.

Kaori just gave her childhood friend a worried glance. “But this isn’t the kind of monster I should be fighting…”

“That doesn’t matter!” Hibari interjected, taking a step forward, ready to kick some BankiJyu butt, “If we’re gonna be allies of justice then we’re gonna have to work together regardless of the opponent!”

After thinking about that for a short moment, Kaori furrowed her eyebrows and nodded in agreedment, before turning to Barnabas. “Let’s do this, Barnabas!” she told him, before he gave her an army salute in response. Thus, Hibari placed the Change Soul inside her Go-Phone, while Kaori thrust her hand out and let Barnabas bite her wrist once again.

Pretty Cure, Go On!

Pretty Cure, let’s go!

Once both phrases were said, both girls were enveloped in bright white auras, letting Dozer Banki reel back as they went through their usual transformation motions. In instants, the two were now fully transformed and ready to show Dozer Banki what they were truly made of, frills and all.

The Burning Crimson Highway Star, Cure Velocity!

"The dawn sleeps and whispers my name — Cure Fangoria!"

Finally, the transformations were done, and the two Pretty Cures were now imponently facing Dozer Banki, Barnabas floating between them. “I would ask you why is your dress better-looking than mine, but that doesn’t matter right now!” Velocity stated, her gaze briefly turning to Fangoria’s dress before going back to the Dozer Banki.

With a smirk, Velocity took out her Mantan Gun, changing it to Rod Mode and dashing towards Dozer Banki as fast as she could. She tried to hit him with it, but he kept shielding himself with his scoop hands until he finally tossed it aside. When he though Velocity was done for, Fangoria did a backflip and kicked him right on the forehead, knocking him down instantly. “Heh! Good one!” Velocity chuckled in amusement, as the two Cures dashed forward to give Dozer Banki a deserved smackdown, hitting him everywhere they could before leaping back to the edge of the rooftop, watching as Dozer Banki struggled to stand up.

Velocity then turned to her fellow Cure with a smile. “Hey, Kaorin, just now I had an attack idea that I think that might work.” she stated, leaning in to whisper her idea in Fangoria’s ear.

After listening to Velocity’s attack idea, she thought about it for a moment before answering, “I’m not sure if I’ll do it… But we’ll never know until we try, right?”

The two exchanged glances and gave each other a nod, as Velocity took a couple steps forward, shaking out her limbs, before runing towards Dozer Banki, her right fist becoming engulfed in flames. “Pretty Cure… Mach Hyakuretsu-ken!” she shouted, letting her flaming fist hit Dozer Banki right on the scoop on his chest, launching him to the other side of the rooftop, before she turned to Fangoria and called, “Kaorin, now!”

Fangoria nodded in agreedment, closing her eyes as the sky once again darkened to an inky black, with only a full crimson moon peeking out from behind the clouds. She then leapt into the air, gracefully flipping back while concentrating all her strength into her armor-clad foot.
"Pretty Cure… Empress Moonbreaker!" Fangoria shouted as she uprighted herself, now flying heel-first into the BankiJyu’s path with her whole leg radiating the dark aura and landing hard on him with a solid strike, bouncing back towards Velocity as Dozer Banki met his end, exploding noisily before them.

As the sky returned to its usual light blue, Fangoria, visibly exhausted, fell to her knees, before looking up at Velocity with a small smile. “You did great, bud.” Velocity stated, crouching down to give her a hug.

Fangoria, in response, shook her head in disagreedment. “No, Hibarin, we did great.”

Later, after class was over, Hibari and Kaori were on their way home, explaining to each other how they got their powers and how said powers worked, all while properly introducing their partners. “So you’re Kaori, huh?” Machalcon said with a grin as Kaori’s gaze was fixated at his hologram, “Hibari here’s told me a lot about you. Pleased to meetcha! You’re quite pretty, actually! Bari bari!

Kaori blushed and giggled in response to his statement. “Why, thank you…” she replied coyly, “Although it’s kinda weird to hear that kind of thing from a talking animal car… But it’s a good kind. Interesting, in fact.”

This comment made Machalcon grin sheepishly, while Hibari rolled her eyes with a sigh. “So… I guess it’s settled. We’re a team now.” Hibari told her friend with a grin, skating ahead of her, “Right?”

Kaori and Barnabas then exchanged glances before turning back to Hibari. “How exactly can you be a team?” Barnabas questioned raising an eyebrow at her, “Your powers are completely different, and came from different sources.”

“Indeed they are, but the powers aren’t what matters. What matters is how they’re supposed to use them.” Machalcon pointed out, “And they’re using their powers with the same goal in mind: to protect the innocent from evil and bring everything that is good and just to this Braneworld.”

Hibari nodded in agreedment, approaching Kaori and extending her free hand for her to grab. “So what do you say, Kaorin?” she asked, “Partners?”

Kaori stood there speechless for a few moments and smiling warmly at her best friend and fellow Pretty Cure. “Partners all the way.” she answered, firmly grabbing Hibari’s hand as the two stared at each other, the smiles not leaving their faces.

After a few seconds, the two let go and turned to stare at the afternoon sky with their non-human companions. There was nothing that could pull them apart now; even if Shin-Gaiark or the Neo-Fangires or whatever evil forces out there got in their way, the power of teamwork and friendship would always keep them together. They were there for each other ever since they could remember, and now this would be even more so.

“Hey, Kaorin.”


“I feel something great is starting for both of us.”

“Indeed it is…”



¹ This part is meant to be a reference to the British boy band One Direction. I'm personally not a fan of them, but I threw in that joke just for sheets and giggles.