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Episode 1: Offspring of Justice

Super Pretty Cure Time
Episode 1: Offspring of Justice
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It was quite an exciting day in Machine World. Many Engines were gathered to watch what could as well be the auto race of the decade: three familiar hero Engines were racing against the Bandohmas of the recently-resurrected forces of Gaiark, or Shin-Gaiark as they were calling themselves now. “Man, I had no idea that after all these years Gaiark would still find a way to come back!” Engine Speedor stated in mild annoyance, his eyes fixated on the road in front of him as he caught up with the Bandohmas.

“Don’t worry, hubby!” Engine BearRV, Speedor’s wife, exclaimed proudly, “We beat them once and we’re gonna beat them again!”

Engine Bus-On nodded in agreedment. “We may be old and rusted, but we still got it! On on ooonn!!” he added, catching up with Speedor alongside BearRV and leaving the Bandohmas behind them.

"Alright!" BearRV exclaimed, her glance briefly going to the Bandohmas before returning to the road, "We're getting closer to the finishing line! Let’s make this worth it!"

Though just that wouldn’t make the new Pollution Ministers give up so easily. As the Bandohmas kept on hopping in order to catch up with the Engines, a gruff male voice could be heard from inside one of them. “You damned Engines are not going to get away from us so easily!" the voice, which belonged to the Water Pollution Minister Dorojones, shouted angrily, "Kebrunhilde! Activate the smog!”

Another voice, this time a high-pitched female one, came from another one of the Bandohmas. “Roger ~na no da! Smog on ~na no da!” Kebrunhilde, the Air Pollution Minister, giggled mischievously, as her respective Bandohma began releasing toxic smog from its exhaust pipes.

It didn’t take long for the smog to reach the Engines, obviously getting in their way. “What… What is this?!” Speedor questioned in between coughs.

“Gaiark… is fighting dirty!” Bus-On replied, his vision becoming blurry from all the smog, “Just as expected from them!”

This was the cue for the Bandohmas to get away from the Engines and slowly disappear from their sight. In what seemed to be like an eternity for the Engines, the entirety of Machine World began decaying. Ugatz and Bandohmas were everywhere, all the other Engines were dashing for their lives, if not already weak and broken down, and a horrible scent of garbage took over the atmosphere. After eighteen years, Gaiark finally achieved what they were striving for.

But one Engine was able to take it all. Holding his breath, Engine Machalcon, Speedor and BearRV’s son, rushed to where his parents and Bus-On were. “Dad! Mom! Uncle Bus-On! Please say something!” he shouted worriedly, struggling to hold back his sobs.

Speedor then turned his gaze towards his son; his vision was blurred and he could barely move, but even with the energy draining from him he still could speak. “Ma… Machalcon…” he stated weakly inbetween coughs, “The time has come… for the Go-Ongers… to return to the battlefield…”

Machalcon merely nodded, a faint glimmer of hope in his eyes. “Don’t worry, dad! I already got my modifications...” he reassured his father, “I’m ready to get a partner of my own!”

Speedor gave his son a small smile before he let out one last cough and became unconscious. It was then that Machalcon heard a wicked chuckle coming from behind him; he turned around to face the leader of the Shin-Gaiark, a robotic woman with metal skin, a screwdriver and a wrench in place of both hands, and a giant bronze-colored gear around her face. “See, Machalcon? This is what you get for killing off my father ~de aru.” she cackled, “Now all your precious little Machine World is gone… And that pesky Human World is next ~de aru.”

In response to this statement, Machalcon backed away slightly from her while shooting her a glare full of rage. “Will you ever learn, Batcheerina?!” he shouted, “Even when things are looking up for you Gaiark fellows, the Go-Ongers will always come to the rescue... And even if they don't, ! And justice will always prevail! I… I’LL NEVER LET YOU GET AWAY WITH YOUR PLANS! BARI BARI!!


Hibari Esumi’s eyes instantly shot open. Breathing heavily, she sat upright and didn’t say a word, out of pure confusion. She never had that kind of dream before, and for some reason it felt so real she couldn’t help but wonder if there was something special about it. She once heard about certain dreams having particular meanings, but a dream about talking animal cars was quite new to her.

“About time you woke up, Hibari.”

The sound of an adult female voice snapped Hibari out of her thoughts as she turned to the doorway, where her mother stood with a concerned look in her face. “You better hurry, or else you’re gonna end up late for school.” Miu Esumi warned her 13-year-old daughter.

In response, Hibari gave her an absent-minded smile and hopped off the bed, rushing out of her bedroom and down the hallway as fast as she could to get ready for school. “Don’t worry, ma. As long as I reach mach speed, there’s no way I’m gonna be late!” she chuckled confidently.

Watching her daughter enter the bathroom and shut the door, Miu shook her head and struck a smile, as she was approached by her brother, Hiroto Suto. “That girl’s hopeless, just like her father.” Hiroto remarked, putting a hand on Miu’s shoulder and earning a nod from her in response.

Once she was ready to go, Hibari grabbed her bento and her schoolbags, put on her rollerblades and cheerfully skated her way out of the Suto manor, waving goodbye to Miu and Hiroto as she did so. While she was excited about starting a new day, that dream with the talking cars was still bothering her. She had no idea of what it had to do with her; was it some kind of metaphor, or maybe the result of drinking too much berry punch before bed? Either way, she had to find out what was it all about.

But not now. Now she had to focus on getting to school as fast as she could. She wasn’t Sosuke ‘Miracle’ Esumi’s daughter for nothing.

It was then that she caught sight of something that was dropped by the sidewalk, stopping to take a closer look at it. It was a weird red, white and yellow toy F-1 car about the size of her forearm, with a red and black memory-card-like item beside it; both were emblazoned with several gold emblems resembling the number 13. Curious about this, Hibari picked up the toy car and the memory card item and eyed them some more. “Hello?! Did anyone drop these?!” she yelled, looking around to check if any of the kids that lived around the neighborhood would come to take it back.

No response.

Helloooo?!” she continued, waving the toy car around with one hand while gripping the memory card tightly in the other.

Still no response.

With a sigh, Hibari shrugged it away and stuffed the trinkets inside her schoolbag, continuing on her path to school. “I guess I’ll come back after school’s done to check if anyone lost this…” she said to herself, accelerating her march.

Just as she thought, it didn’t take long for Hibari to arrive at the school she attended, Takei Middle School. Upon her arrival, she quickly took notice of the dark-auburn-haired girl standing by the gates with a concerned look on her face. “Ah, Kaorin! G’morning!” Hibari exclaimed, approaching the girl.

Kaori Kurenai, who was Hibari’s much more tranquil best friend since their early years, let out a sigh and reached out to tap Hibari’s shoulder. “Geez, Hibarin, why were you so late?” Kaori wondered, “Class is about to start!”

Hibari scratched the back of her head and gave her a sheepish chuckle in response. “Don’t blame me, blame that action movie marathon from last night! C’mon!” she replied, grabbing Kaori by the wrist as the two headed to the main building.

“Hey, hey, have you guys listened to Nakagawa Chieri’s newest song?”

“But of course I did! Amazing as always!”

“Just as expected from Chieri-chan!”

The girl talk at the corner of the classroom quickly faded away as the homeroom teacher, Michiru Aikawa or just Aikawa-sensei, walked in, getting everyone’s attention. “Good morning, class. I hope you enjoyed your vacations.” she told her students, “Today we have a new student transferring into our class, and I hope you welcome him with open arms…”

But Hibari wasn’t even listening to her teacher’s words. Her mind was somewhere else; namely, on that talking car dream. She was looking out of the window, still wondering what exactly it had to do with her. Maybe it would help if I visited the therapist after class… she thought, I’m sure it would help…


Aikawa-sensei’s call quickly snapped Hibari out of her thoughts. “You’re not paying attention to Murai-san’s introduction.” the teacher stated sternly, “Please show some respect to him. We don’t want him to get a bad first impression of his classmates.” Hibari just let out a sigh and rested her head on her hands, clearly attempting to listen to the new student’s introduction speech.

The junkyard. To most people, including little girls forcefully taken away by their evil stepmothers¹, not the best place to live in. But for Pollution President Batcheerina, leader of the Shin-Gaiark, and her minions, it was just perfect. At the moment, they already established their homeplace under all the piles of garbage, hidden from the eyes of any and all passerby humans, and were planning to release their first BankiJyu later that day.

The Air Pollution Minister, Kebrunhilde, was pretty much bouncing off the walls from how eager she was. “Sempai! Sempai! Are you going to release your Banki now ~na no da? I can’t wait to wreak some havoc around Human World ~na no da!” she asked, grabbing the shoulders of her fellow Minister, Water Pollution Minister Dorojones, who was nonchalantly drinking some oil from a cocktail glass nearby.

Visibly annoyed by this, Dorojones groaned and tossed some oil at Kebrunhilde, who briefly stopped bouncing around to shoot a pout at him. “What is with you ~na no da?” she questioned, crossing her arms and turning her back at him, “You should at least be more excited ~na no da…”

The remaining Minister, Earth Pollution Minister Fukeccio, soon joined their conversation. “Kebrunhilde’s right. We successfully polluted the Machine World, and given that the Go-Ongers are no longer around to pester us, maybe it’ll be even easier to do the same with Human World.”

Dorojones merely gave them a glance as he filled the empty cocktail glass with more oil. “Would you please shut up? I’m trying to think of a decent tactic for my Seisuiki Banki to make his first appearance.” he muttered, “If it makes an impression, then Batcheerina-sama will definitely be proud of us.”

Kebrunhilde pouted once again, stomping her foot to the ground and not noticing Fukeccio becoming distracted with his reflection on one of the pillars. Just then, Dorojones’ eyes widened and he stood up right up to run off, pushing Kebrunhilde and earning stares from both her and Fukeccio. “Dorocchan really has a one-track mind ~na no da.” she pointed out, crossing her arms over her chest and looking up at her fellow Minister.

At Takei Middle School, after fifty minutes that seemed more like an eternity, Hibari and Kaori, like all the other students, left the classroom for lunch break. At the moment, they were at their preferred lunch break location, the rooftop of the main building, sitting side by side and talking about whatever was in their minds at the moment. Of course, Hibari couldn’t miss this moment; she had to spill the beans. “Hey, Kaorin, I need to tell you something. Just between the two of us, ‘kay?” she told her friend, leaning in closer, “I had a really weird dream last night.”

Kaori smiled and nodded, taking a bite off her homemade takoyaki. “To be honest, me too.” she admitted.

Hibari’s eyes widened upon hearing this. So she wasn’t the only one dreaming about talking cars after all? Someone else shared her sentiments? “You mean it?!” she asked excitedly, “So you know anything about those talking animal cars?! What do you think it might be about?!”

Confused by Hibari’s sudden reaction, Kaori gave her a nervous chuckle. “What are you talking about? My dream didn’t involve talking cars…” she replied, stabbing another takoyaki with her chopstick and gave it to her, “Here, have some takoyaki. It’ll calm you down.”

With a pout, Hibari took a bite off the takoyaki and crossed her arms as she chewed and swallowed in disappointment. “But you could at least tell me more about your dream. What happened with these talking cars you mentioned?” Kaori wondered, pushing a lock of hair behind her ear.

“I can’t remember much right now…” Hibari stated, looking at the sky, “Though what I can remember is that there was a bunch of smog involved, so I couldn’t quite tell what the cars looked like, and there was also some kind of robot chick…”

Paying complete attention to her friend, Kaori tapped her lower lip with her chopstick thoughtfully. “Remember that documentary about the meanings of dreams we’ve seen last week at class?” she asked, before recalling, “At a certain point it said that dreaming about smog symbolizes negative emotions. Maybe you’re upset or afraid of something.”

Hibari shot a glance at her. “Upset? Afraid?” she repeated with a confident chuckle, standing up and stretching out her arms, “I’m perfectly fine!”

Kaori couldn’t help but smile at this. Ever since they were younger, Hibari was always someone full of energy and optimism, never giving up regardless of the situation, and always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need – even if she had to put up a fight for the sake of that.

It was about four o’clock when the final afternoon class of the day ended. Kaori had gymnastics practice, so she had to stay a little longer than Hibari, who would rather do her own thing than be part of any club. Now that school was done for the day, all Hibari had to do at the moment before getting home was finding out where that toy car came from. On her way back home, Hibari, with her rollerblades back on, passed by a group of children from her neighborhood – two boys and two girls -- who were building a sandcastle on the local playground. “Everyone! Hi there!” she called, stopping to wave at them.

Her voice quickly caught the attention of the kids, who stopped what they were doing and stood up to approach her. “Hi, Esumi-san!” they cheered.

Smiling at the kids, Hibari reached for her schoolbag and took out the toy car and memory card, holding them up for them. “Have you guys ever seen these before?” she asked, kneeling down so they could get a better look, “I’m trying to look for their owner.”

Eyeing the items curiously, the kids turned back to Hibari shaking their heads in disapproval. “Not that we’re aware of…” one of the girls replied, “It’s really cool, though!”

Hibari just let out a sigh as she stuffed the items back into her schoolbag and stood back up. “Okay, I guess…” she said, starting to leave, “I’ll try to warn you when I found whoever owns these. See ya!”

“Bye!” the kids shouted as they watched Hibari leave.

Suddenly, while passing by a lake, Hibari stopped on her tracks again, this time because of screams. Screams of horror, that came from nowhere. Puzzled by this, she looked around, only for a mob of scared people to pass by her, followed by the reason for this sudden pandemonium: some kind of weird monster that resembled a water filter. “Run while you can, pesky humans, or feel the wrath of Seisuiki² Banki ~sui!” the monster cackled, expelling dirt and grime all over the place, especially on the lake.

Although Hibari was still confused, she definitely wasn’t pleased by the sight of such a scene. “Hey! Who are you and what do you think you’re doing?!” she asked, glaring at Seisuiki Banki with her hands on her hips.

Seisuiki Banki simply smirked in response. “What else do you think I am doing ~sui? Polluting this world, of course ~sui!” he exclaimed proudly, “All in the name of the New Barbaric Machine Clan Gaiark and its leader, Pollution President Batcheerina ~sui!”

At this, Hibari’s schoolbag shook slightly, but she didn’t notice this. “Well, listen here, squarehead.” she scolded, “There are already enough jerks like you turning this planet into a trashbin, and I definitely don’t wanna see more of them, so you should go back to that Batchi-whatever lady and tell her you shouldn’t even bother with pollution. Unless you wanna have a conversation with my fist.”

Seisuiki Banki snickered at her reaction. “Ooh, you think you’re so tough ~sui?” he asked mockingly, “Get her, Ugatz ~sui!” As he said this, a cloud of smoke surrounded the area and quickly cleared up, revealing a small mob of android footsoldiers in front of him.

While Seisuiki Banki left, the Ugatz rushed towards Hibari, who didn’t think twice before tossing her schoolbag aside and giving them a good smackdown. Despite her petite form, Hibari was quite the skilled fighter, having been told a few tricks of the trade from her mother and uncle in order to defend herself. In fact, she was so focused in beating up these things that she didn’t even notice the toy car slowly making its way out of her schoolbag on its own while watching her every move.

Meanwhile, Seisuiki Banki reached the playground, smirking upon noticing the kids, who were finally done with their sandcastle. “Hello, kiddies ~sui…” he called, getting their attention right away. Unlike earlier, though, the kids exchanged glances and began shivering as he continued, ready to fire more grime at them.


Groaning in annoyance, Seisuiki Banki turned around to notice that Hibari was running towards him, battered, bruised and quite weak, but with her schoolbag back on and still willing to punch him right on the face. “You again ~sui?! Just give up already ~sui!” he shouted angrily.

Although she struggled to catch her breath, Hibari managed to let out a cocky chuckle. “You’re the one… who keeps insisting…” she replied huskily, “I’m just doing… what’s meant to be done…”

Seisuiki Banki then scowled before dashing towards her, ready to attack. Hibari was about to do the same when she suddenly felt her schoolbag twitch… and spotted the toy car’s front peeping out of it. “Psst! Over here!” he called.

Hibari’s eyes widened at this. What?! That thing can talk?! she thought in shock, And that voice… Could it be…

Unlike her, Seisuiki Banki instantly recognized the voice. “Engine Machalcon! What are you doing with that brat ~sui?!” he questioned, pointing at the toy car, and thus confirming Hibari’s brief suspicion, “You should have given up long ago ~sui!”

Machalcon shot a brief glare at him in response. “I’m not talking to you!” he hissed, turning his gaze back to Hibari, “Miss, I don’t know who you are, and I may have come across you by accident, but your display of courage and perseverance has truly touched me. I have decided that you are, indeed, worthy of being an ally of justice.”

This only confused Hibari even more. “What is going on over here?!” she questioned, pulling her pigtails in frustration.

“I don’t have much time to explain!” Machalcon answered, as he somehow tossed a phone-like device as well as another memory card into Hibari’s hands, “All you have to do is put the Change Soul into the Go-Phone and say ‘Go On’! That way you’ll be able to kill that BankiJyu off! Quick!

Hibari tried to think of how to respond to that, but she couldn't find a way to properly describe what she was feeling at the moment, or, for that matter, what led up to that point. Finally, after a few lengthy seconds, she turned to glare at Seisuiki Banki. “Even if I have no clue of what’s going on right now, if it’s for the sake of the planet, then I’m gonna do it, and I’m gonna do it right!” she stated, holding up the Go-Phone and placing the Change Soul in it just as Machalcon instructed, “Go On!

What followed was a flash of light so bright that Seisuiki Banki had to shield his eyes, while Machalcon lept out of the schoolbag to watch everything from a better angle. “It’s working! She’s transforming! Bari bari!” Machalcon cheered…

…though his excitement was lessened once he noticed that the transformation only gave Hibari longer hair and a different outfit. Well, at least it looked like a Go-Onger outfit, but somewhat skimpier. And the finishing phrase wasn’t quite what he expected either.

The Burning Crimson Highway Star, Cure Velocity!

Once the transformation ended, everyone was pretty much bewildered, in particular Hibari – now known as Cure Velocity. “Wha-wha-what is this?! Why do I look like a stripper?! And what’s with all that hair?!” she questioned, looking at herself in shock before suddenly noticing what looked like a gas pump handle attached to her waist and picking it up, “And what’s with the gas pump?”

Machalcon brightened up once he saw the gas pump handle, before becoming motionless as the red memory card item floating out of it and towards Velocity. “That’s the Mantan Gun!” he explained from inside the memory card, opening the slot at the top of the device and inserting himself inside it, “Fire it at the BankiJyu!”

Velocity eyed the Mantan Gun closely before striking a smirk. “A gun? Now things are getting interesting!” she exclaimed, pointing the gun at Seisuiki Banki and shooting at him like crazy.

Despite this, Seisuiki Banki was able to dodge the blasts, snarling at Velocity as he fired more grime at her. “Damn you ~sui! Take this ~sui!” he yelled as Velocity began to dodge the blasts, laughing all the way through. She was having way too much fun with that.

The kids watched the whole scene in amazement. “Fight, Esumi-san!” one of the boys cheered, waving his shovel in the air.

As Seisuiki Banki continued firing dirt and grime at her, Velocity hid behind a tree, looking back at the monster. “Now’s your chance! Use the Go-On Gear!” Machalcon instructed from inside the Mantan Gun, “Press on the symbol on the buckle of your belt!”

Velocity simply nodded in agreedment, doing as she was told and watching as the 13 emblazoned on her chest expanded in front of her and took the shape of two knives with blades that resembled a road. “Ooh! This keeps getting cooler and cooler by the minute!” she exclaimed.

“Finish him off! Bari bari!” Machalcon told her.

In response, Velocity smirked deviously, leaping out from behind the tree to face Seisuiki Banki. “As you wish.”

She then lept up towards Seisuiki Banki, before sliding in mid-air towards him, spinning the knives in her hands as the words somehow opped into her head. “Pretty Cure… Mach Rendezvous!” she shouted, slicing through the monster, “GO ON!!

Finally, she landed on her feet like a cat behind Seisuiki Banki, wiping the sweat off her forehead nonchalantly as the monster began to stumble and fell to the floor, his collision causing a loud explosion. Gaiark’s monsters were known for their injections of Bikkurium in order to start their Industrial Revolution, which caused them to grow to giant size; however, Batcheerina was so proud of Machine World’s destruction that she left this aspect out, confident that all Engines were gone.

How wrong she was.

Back at Shin-Gaiark’s hideout, Batcheerina herself was watching the whole thing through a large monitor, and needless to say, she wasn’t pleased by Cure Velocity’s victory. “This cannot be ~de aru!” she shouted with a scowl, “How exactly did that little rascal get a partner of his own ~de aru?! Can anyone explain to me how this kind of blasphemy was possible ~de aru?!”

Dorojones, who was sitting beside Batcheerina’s throne through the whole fight, merely shook his head in disagreedment. “Even I didn’t see that coming, Batcheerina-sama.” he replied, “And even if I was, I’d never expect this new Go-Onger to have such a revealing costume.”

Batcheerina let out a groan of frustration as she stood up and turned off the monitor. “But don’t lose your mind for such a trivial thing.” Dorojones stated, placing his hands on his leader’s shoulders in order to calm her down, “From what I’ve heard, there is another group out there seeking to end life on Human World. Let’s fight fire with fire and team up with them so we can surprise Machalcon and defeat him and that new partner of his for good.”

Taking a deep breath, Batcheerina finally calmed down and turned towards Dorojones with a small smile of interest. “…Tell me about it ~de aru.”

Not too long after she detransformed and was thanked by the kids, Hibari skated her way back home, with Machalcon and his Soul – or whatever that memory card thingy was called – stuffed once again inside her schoolbag. “I’m sure mom’s not gonna be happy when she realizes I got home late…” Hibari remarked with an exhausted sigh, “But at least I did something good today, saving the kids from that… thing. And, hoo boy, was it fun!”

“Well, get used to it!” Machalcon replied from inside his Soul as it floated out of the schoolbag to face her, causing her to stop while he continued, “As long as Shin-Gaiark’s forces are around, you’ll be going through this a lot!”

Hibari then raised an eyebrow in confusion. “Could you at least explain to me what is this Shin-Gaiark thingamabober and what does it have to do with you?” she wondered with a nervous chuckle.

Machalcon nodded in agreedment, motioning towards Hibari’s schoolbag. “Just put my Engine Soul inside your Go-Phone and I’ll find a way to explain.” he stated.

With a shrug, Hibari took out her newly-obtained Go-Phone and placing Machalcon’s Soul in it, causing a super-deformed hologram of Machalcon to emerge from it. “Ahh, much better! Bari bari!” he exclaimed in relief.

Hibari then gave him a smile as she continued skating back home. “Now try and tell me the whole story, ‘kay?” she suggested.

Machalcon let out a sigh in response. “It’s gonna take a while…”

“It’s okay. I’ll pay attention.”



¹ This particular bit was a reference to the Brazilian soap opera Avenida Brasil (Brazil Avenue), where, during the first few chapters, the main character, then a child, is taken away to a junkyard by her evil stepmother.

² "Seisuiki" (浄水器) stands for "water filter".