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A Brief Introduction

Why, hello there! Welcome to the official Dreamwidth community of Super Pretty Cure Time, a Pretty Cure/Super Sentai/Kamen Rider fanfic that also happens to be a collaboration between me and my Tumblr BFF, [personal profile] daylilies.

Sometime in the future following the events of Engine Sentai Go-Onger and Kamen Rider Kiva, our heroes have finally managed to kick back and settle down after everything had passed — and a few of them have even been able to happily marry and start families on top of that, in the hopes of giving their children normal lives free from battling monsters from other worlds. And for the most part, this was largely successful.

... for a while, anyway.

It all starts in the year of 2027, when Sosuke and Miu's daughter Hibari has a dream of Machine World being destroyed by the Shin-Gaiark, and Machalcon watching his parents die. Meanwhile, Wataru and Saki's daughter Kaori has her own dream, where a clan called the Neo-Fangires slowly turns her family and friends to glass and leaves them to die, all while a familiar song plays...

Thankfully the girls are able to brush them off as being nothing but a dream, but things start getting more real than they imagined when two monsters from those very same groups attack them. And that's when they're approached by their new partners, and find themselves caught up in their own heroic adventure!

CHARACTERS (Just the main ones for now)

Hibari Esumi / Cure Velocity
Sosuke and Miu's little spitfire of a daughter. Despite her high-class upbringing alongside her parents and uncle, Hibari takes more after her ever-so-absent father than anything: outspoken, competitve, and rather dumb, but incredibly courageous, perseverant, and always willing to put up a fight for whatever she wants. She wants to be a racecar driver like her father when she grows up, but for now kicks butt in rollerblades.

Kaori Kurenai / Cure Fangoria
Wataru and Saki's daughter and Hibari's best friend since youth. Cheerful and optimistic like her mother, but with tendencies towards being reclusive (and a bit strange, at times) like her father. She doesn't quite fit the yamato nadeshiko archetype like she's expected to, but is still a fairly sweet and girly kind of person -- although she has pet peeves and buttons that shouldn't be pushed, she handles those with grace and wit if she needs to.

Engine Machalcon
Speedor and BearRV's son, and Hibari's Engine partner. He has been slightly modified to be more like his parents in terms of abilities, and has become more mature personality-wise ever since his last appearance in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, but is still sort of a free spirit.

Kaori's fairy partner and source of her transformation. He is from an unknown period in the future, and claims himself to be from a race diverging from the Kivat line. He's extremely snarky, and holds a mutual hatred for Kivat-bat the 3rd.
For more information, check the OriCure All-Stars Wikia page for the story. I'll be back soon with the first chapter. Until then, comment as much as you want! Until next time!

~ Bia ([personal profile] cure_shabon)